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Introducing Context Conversations: 
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Beijing Through the Ages

Venice in Peril

The Aesthetics of Tokyo

The Impact of Disaster and Disease on the Venetian Economy

Explore how different threats—from medieval plagues to today's rising sea levels and overtourism—have posed a threat to the Queen of the Seas and impacted the city's single-source economy through the centuries. Led by Venetian ecologist Luca Zaggia. 

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The Chinese Capital, from Imperial Center to Modern Megalopolis 

A lively look at how one of the world's oldest cities has survived khans, emperors, revolution, Starbucks, and—now—COVID-19 to become one of the globe's most booming urban centers. Led by Beijing-based journalist and historian Jeremiah Jenne. 

The "Eccentric Void" of Japanese Aesthetic Sensibility

This seminar will explore the highlights of Tokyo's architecture and contemporary culture through the lens of Japanese aesthetics—particularly the concepts of emptiness and asymmetry. Led by Tokyo-based architect and journalist Rafael Balboa.

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How do I book?
Unlike our regular Context tours, we're taking payment and bookings for these Context online seminars through Eventbrite. The links above will take you to our Eventbrite pages, where you can select which date and time you'd like to attend the seminar, input your payment information, and confirm your order. 

I've booked. Now what?
After you confirm your booking on Eventbrite, you'll receive an email 48 hours before the seminar with call in details. You can join the seminar from your computer or tablet running Windows or MacOS. Once the seminar starts, you'll be able to speak with the scholar leading the seminar, as well as other fellow joiners. 

Are these seminars live, or pre-recorded?
These seminars are live! Each seminar will leave 15 to 30 minutes at the end of the session for conversation and questions. 

How long does each seminar last?
Each topic will run for approximately 90 minutes, including Q & A. 

I'd like to join but these don't work with my schedule. Are you offering other dates and times?
For now, we're offering only the times and dates that are available on Eventbrite. However, we anticipate adding more dates, times, and topics over the coming months. Send us a note to let us know what you might be interested in.